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Sakala Khabar News Services

Added on Wed 15 Aug 2018 11 56
Latest Odisha News


Project Sakala Khabar has a successful and an active news portal since one year. This is purely dedicated towards the Odia society. We post current-to-current news on Sakala Khabar daily. We are available on Tweeter, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. We expect you to share the followed link-www.sakalakhabar.com, among our Odia brothers and sisters. Your views and likes will inspire us to post more exciting and interesting new topics. Sakala Khabar not only posts news about Odisha but also of India and outside the country. This is what makes our web portal unique. If you want give your views and want to provide suggestion you can give it in comment section below the portal. If you like the news portal you can hit the like button below the portal. Visit www.sakalakhhabar.com.