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Rotomag Motors & Controls Private Limited

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Solar Water Pump Manufacturers


Rotomag Motors & Controls Pvt. Ltd. is a globally recognized manufacturer of high performance “ROTOSOL” Solar Pumps, Controllers and a comprehensive range of DC Motors.

Rotomag’s group companies Rotomotive Powerdrives India Ltd. & Magtor Servomotion Pvt. Ltd. manufacture AC motors, Gearboxes and Servo motors.

Every year, over 30000 motors are exported to discerning customers in more than 20 countries across the world, including several European countries.

The ROTOSOL solar pumps are available in a wide range for both surface and submersible applications and are ideally suited for drinking water, flood irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinkler systems, live-stock watering, aquaculture projects, salt pan farming and urban water supply.