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Playway Schools At Barnala - YS GeNxt School

Added on Thu 06 Dec 2018 11 46
One Of The Best Play Way School In Barnala (Pb). It Helps To Enhance The Imagination Power Of Your Kids.


YS Schools i.e. Generation Next Schools are meant for Generation Next Students. 30 Years of establishment, refined standards of education and vision to go beyond obvious by imparting Futuristic Education, stand Young Scholars Schools, the best schools in Punjab. Our school encourages children to develop self-confidence, self-independent. It helps to enhance the imagination power of your kids.
YS GeNxt School offers a nurturing environment for children. We organize a storytelling session, Game funs, morning assembly events and many kinds of activities.
The YS GeNxt School is one of the best play way school in Barnala or Punjab.