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Well-versed with the most recent technology, Antose Antony Dentist in Karnataka turn into the ground-breaking source of cosmetic, family, restorative dentistry and oral surgery dedicated to giving you valuable treatments as well as better customer service.
Holding decent professional qualifications earned from top colleges and years of supreme experience, Antose Antony and his team travel all around the globe to grasp breakthrough advances in technologies, dental sciences, and practices.
The exceptions success of Dr Antose Antony’s has been determined by a never-ending vow to ethical as well as quality care, inspired towards attaining their philosophy of Excellence in Dentistry.
His Mission
Antose Antony's main goal is to make long-haul relationships with their patients and to guarantee great service via honest, personalized, ethical, and informed care. His main focus is to enable his community to accomplish magnificent oral healthcare through multidisciplinary, excellent, and cost-effective dental services and procedures.
His Services
Dr Antose Antony provides an extensive array of choices to assist you to keep up a gorgeous, healthy smile. They are such as-
 Porcelain Veneers
 Lumineers
 Teeth Whitening
 Dental Implants
 Dental Bridges & Crowns
 Root Canal Treatment
 Gum Treatment
 Jaw Joint Disorders
 General Dentistry
 Routine Dental Check Up
 Dental Restorations
 Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Antose Antony and his team have strong belief that it is their duty to offer patients with the newest dental technology to assist them to accomplish their objectives. With recent