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Amzine Institute


Amzine prouds itself in imparting “PRACTICAL SKILLS” that are designed by industry leading professional providing instant ROI via advanced curriculum that is updated regularly keeping pace with changing industry needs.
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Amzine Advantage:
1. Practical Insights
2. Expert Instructors
3. Experience
4. Instant ROI
5. Industry Relevant Tools
6. Continuously Updated Curriculum

Courses Offered:
1. Accounting
– Beginner’s Basic Course
– Finance and Accounts including softwares like Tally, CATPRO, Busy
– Banking Knowledge
– Auditing – GST Course* (Trending)
– Income tax return filing
2. Computer Skills
– Beginner’s Basic course
– Adobe Photoshop
– Corel Draw
3. Digital Marketing Courses : Increasing Online Presence
4. Excel® Training
5. Basic HR Course
We’re proud of people who give us their time and commitment. We’re looking for people who are ready to level up, who care to up-skill and re-skill with changing time and work demand. One thing we preach is that any learning needs focus, commitment, and consistency.