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Alhev Digital Marketing Solutions

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Alhev Digital Solutions


Alhev is digital transformation organization with deep expertise in digital technologies, marketing and analytics. We enable organizations to increase their digital presence and achieve better business outcomes with digital technology adoption. Combining progressive analytics, technology, and domain expertise —our custom solutions help clients connect data and insights with business decisions.. Alhev DigiMap approach allows organization to identify the right pathway to digital transformation.

Alhev broadly offers following solutions
A.Marketing Solutions
1. Multi-Channel Marketing
2.Website/App Development
3. Social Media Marketing
4.Content Marketing
5.Video Marketing
6.Marketing Campaign Executions
7.Offline Event Support
8.Communication Management
B.Digital Media Solutions
1.Tag Management
2.Search Presence Optimization
3.Customer Experience Optimization
4.Media Planning and Buying
5.Ad Rotation , Placement and Publishing
6.Media Reporting and Analytics
c.Analytics Solutions
1.Analytics Consulting
2.Business Dashboarding and Insights
3.Predictive Model Development and Deployment
4.Data Management Solutions
5.Self Service Analytics
6.Channel Mix and Attribution Modelling
7.Analytics Enablement
d.Digital Solutions
1.Process Automation – RPA
2.Domainization of AI/ML technologies
3.Marketing Automation Platform Deployment
4.DMP/DSP Implementation
5.NLP Driven Solutions
6.Digital Maturity Mapping