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Onlive Infotech Provides Finest Server Hosting To Enhance Website Performance

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Onlive Infotech Exclusive Server Hosting Offers: Business small and large is facing the wide range of options to host the web application, website, mail server and many others. If you are looking for Germany and Turkey based Server Hosting plans with full of control then Onlive Server brings you the best Dedicated Server Hosting Germany and Turkey at the most cheapest price list. Using the top rated dedicated hosting plans and get own their own CPU, high speed RAM, sufficent disk space and many more features. Onlive Infotech is conveniently provide advanced technologies that helps business to get more business growth. Getting the complete solution for Turkey Dedicated Server Hosting that would be a great option to easily enable more business strategies. The Server Hosting plans will ensure to provide improved bandwidth facility for complex and large websites. When you are provided with increased bandwidth facility, you are sure to create more traffic on the hosted site so that your business will be extremely popular among the customers. Onlive Infotech also provides you utmost firewall security with their hosting server so that the website will be highly secure in terms of security purpose and there is no fear of data loss or server attack.
VPS Server Hosting Features:
Dedicated server hosting is mainly configured with the Intel Xeon L5640 processor, up to 2.00 TB SATA primary drive and many more. Dedicated server hosting is available at the speed of 2.26 GHz frequency with the best choice of the operating system. VPS Server Hosting is available at the speed of 1000 Mbps speed on the storage 10 TB Bandwidth which is quite easier for increasing the performance of the website. The whole server set up is available at the free of cost which is quite easier to get high advanced features. They also safeguard your server from unforeseen malicious program or software and from an unauthorized login that is quite harmful to your server. To safeguard your website from the data loss, the VPS Server Hosting Germany and Turkey usually back up your server data frequently and store it somewhere else from your data center so that you can easily recover your data in case of disaster. They are quite useful in offering recovery options for the customers without any data loss. The dedicated hosting server is fully customizable and managed so that user can easily customize as per their need. With their cheap dedicated hosting server, you are sure to start your business at an affordable rate.